A real war on the poor.

I have long noticed that we have become a society of diagnoses – every behavioral problem must be a disease and, of course, medicated.  But now, behavioral problems don’t even have to be diagnosed as a disease in order for drugs to be thrown at them.  If you’re poor, and don’t like school apparently, you can just be given meds to control those pesky issues. 

I don’t know if this will have any practical effect.  There are enough doctors out there who willy-nilly prescribe drugs to kids for any seeming problem.  (I know there’s a lot of great doctors out there, too, who take the issue of prescribing medication to children seriously, but even they must see that we are a heavily medicated society.)  So schools passing out drugs might not affect the situation that much.  But does anyone else think that this is a great way to control people, by just drugging them into submission?  For such a “diverse” society, we are sure intolerant of behavioral outliers.

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