Detroit – Enter at Your Own Risk

This is an actual flyer that Detroit PD passed out at a rally October 6.  I get that this could be part of a negotiating scheme by the union.  But the fact that Detroit has 1,000 less cops on the street today than 10 years ago, when violent crime has gone up in those 10 years, speaks volumes about the priorities of the liberals running Detroit.

Read the full story, here.

Liberals always want to use the coffers to give out more and more free stuff and cuts to police and fire are always first on the line to pay for the freebies.  Perhaps some libs actually believe that if you just give the “disadvantaged” enough crap, they won’t have a reason to commit crimes and so you won’t need much of a police force.  But just by looking at Detroit, that theory is obviously bogus.   Will libs there admit that their social engineering scheme is a big, fat failure?  I won’t hold my breath for that.

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