War vets still waiting for benefits.

My second biggest problem with the concept of universal health care (the first being the immorality of a government redistributing wealth) is the ridiculousness of the idea that our government can actually provide such a service.  There is a small group of people in America today who are entitled to government-funded health care and the government doesn’t have the resources or wherewithal to provide competent service even to them.  I speak, of course, of our military and veterans.

The wait time for procedures through the VA is staggering and some of the claims denied are unconscionable.  And unlike with a private insurer, there is no recourse when the government denies a claim.  That is government-run health care.  I do not understand the idiots in America who want to inflict this on everyone else.  If we can’t even provide quality service to those who served our country, and who were promised continued health care, what hope do the rest of us have?

There is a story out from CNN about the crippling inefficiency of the VA.  My favorite quote is:

“That is trademark VA — that you get answers, and then a different answer from the same building, but a different floor or a different office,” Maggie Rioux said. “And the confusion that ensues is monumental.”

That pretty much typifies government.  Oh, what we have to look forward to with Obamacare.

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