These are not the temperatures you are looking for…

I’d heard of several methods global warmists have used to get the temperature “data” they want – extremely small sample size, not accounting for urban hotspots, using temperature data just from stations in lower, hence warmer, latitudes – but I had never heard of “scientists” just changing historical data to push the warming meme.  (I apologize for all those quote marks, but I know no way to show my utter disgust with people who claim to be scientists yet who ignore the scientific method.  If you are in a particular profession, you  need to be held to a higher standard.  It’s like cops who commit crimes – it pisses you off just a little bit more than when an average Joe commits the same crime.)

But back to my original rant, NASA has now, without notice, changed some historical temperature data to show 2012 was the hottest summer.  Read the full story, here.  Luckily for us, some people had printed out NASA’s old data so these changes did not go unnoticed. 


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