Too depressing for words…

We are now ranked 18th in the world in economic freedom

Not as free as she used to be. That’s the verdict from the Economic Freedom of the World Annual Report on the U.S., which fell to 18th in the rankings this year. America was consistently in the top five from 1975-2002, but has since quickly lost ground, going from 12th to 18th since 2009. This year’s ranking is the lowest showing for the U.S. since the study started

18th place.   That’s not even an honorable mention any more.

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One Response to Too depressing for words…

  1. Dapper Dan says:

    Yeah. And Canada is number 5. How did we ever let Canada get ahead of us? Maybe immigrating to the frozen north wouldn’t be such a bad idea. They only had 5.9% unemployment in 2007.

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