I love being right.

Since I had no evidence for my supposition in my last post regarding cops and their support of the 2nd Amendment, beyond my limited personal observations, it was quite a treat to see that there has actually been a study that confirms my opinion.

There is an inverse relationship between the rank of the officer and the degree to which law enforcement officials support rights of law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons for self-protection. The line officers, who spend the most time on the street and should be most threatened by the potential risk of additional permit holders, often express the greatest support for concealed carry laws. In contrast, the highest-ranking, often politically appointed officers, whose lives are least threatened, are the most vocal opponents of the law. Survey results showed that 76 percent of street officers and 59 percent of managerial officers agreed that all trained, responsible adults should be able to obtain handgun carry permits.

76% of street cops don’t want to disarm the public even though some argue that more guns in our hands put cops at risk.  Eat that Bloomberg.

H/T The Corner

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