When you lose Apple…

…perhaps the bloom is off the rose of eco-trendiness.

Apple has asked to have all of their products removed from a green electronics certification.  Read the full story, here.

Most shockingly of all to me, Apple has admitted that they made this move  due to design considerations.  They have placed product design over kneeling before the altar of environmental fealty.  When I think about the typical MacBook or iPhone user, I think of the Bay Area liberal, who likes all their creature comforts but feels holier than thou about their part in saving the planet by driving a Prius while drinking their free trade coffee.  I suspect that their love of the latest gizmo from Apple will keep them purchasing all the latest toys, but now they are pure consumers, with no veneer of environmental purity.  That pleases me more than it should.

Maybe once the Apple consumers realize that it is OK to buy a product purely because it is a good product, and stop feeling the need to justify their purchases with a tithe to Gaia, maybe that commonsense will trickle down through the rest of the economy.  One can only hope.

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