More on Fast and Furious

Darrell Issa has just mainstreamed what till now has been a fringe conspiracy theory – namely that perhaps the actual purpose of Fast and Furious was to advance gun control.  Issa doesn’t outright accuse the administration of that, but he throws that idea into play.

Before the F&F scandal broke, there were several talking points swirling around about how American guns were responsible for the violence in Mexico.  Hillary Clinton put forth some false statistic about how 90% of the guns recovered from Mexican cartels were from the US.  This led to renewed discussions of an assault weapons ban.  It is therefore not surprising that some would conclude that the purpose of F&F was to create more pressure for such a ban.

I have no information one way or the other to form any conclusions about the actual intent of F&F.  But furthering an anti-gun agenda would seem to be the most intelligent of the reasons put forth for F&F.  F&F was more likely to give us effective propaganda in the war against the 2nd Amendment that it was to give us actual arrests or prosecutions of criminals.


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