Eat organic? You probably suck.

I don’t hold much credence with sociological studies.  For the most part, they are like statistics, can be twisted to whatever viewpoint you want.  But this study on organic eating and altruism has me laughing and aligns perfectly with my own preconceptions so I thought I’d share it.

In brief, the study finds that those who are exposed to organic foods, with all their moralizing labels – Honest Tea, Purity Life, etc. – were more judgmental but yet gave less help to those in need.

I think this is probably more along the lines of correlation not causation.  Libs by and large are the biggest market for organic crap, they frequently judge anyone who disagrees with them as racist, homophobic, etc, and it is a fairly proven fact that they give less, financially at least, to charities than conservatives.  But I am anti-organic and now can obnoxiously cite this study to the nobs at Whole Foods as a “legitimate” reason for my dislike.  Such fun.

H/T: Ricochet

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