A new frontier.

Wow.  I had no idea that Voyager I would shortly be leaving our solar system.  In Biden’s words, this is a big, f’n deal.  In my mind, at least. 

Voyager launched in 1977.  I find it amazing that it is still transmitting data back to us.  I can’t get my computer to last longer than three years nowadays.    I’m glad to know that NASA at least doesn’t build in obsolescence. 

I think I will have to start reading The Atlantic.  (FYI, that is where my link jumps to.)  Not only do you find out interesting tidbits like we are about to break a barrier that has never broken before, but the commenters are entertaining.  The comments ranged from debates on capitalism and conservatism (fairly petty debates, but amusing nonetheless) to calculating the equation of time dilation.  Good stuff.


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