Bring on the SPF 45.

Ah, another global warming conference, another chance for Prince Charles to try to assert his relevancy.  He’s become a little sad, actually.  In Copenhagen in 2009, he claimed we only have 8 years left in order to save the world from global warming.  To which I say, cool.  In 2017 we can all start burning fossil fuels guilt-free – nothing left to do.

In the latest speech, video-recorded, before Rio+20 (I love these little names the UN conferences get), P.C. had some brilliant insights such as, “In his address, the prince said scientific evidence showed the potential consequences of ignoring the risks.”  Really?  Scientific evidence of potential consequences?  So his doomsdaying is just a potential consequence?  Meaning the other potential is that the earth will get by just fine.  I like that game, as everything is a potential consequence.  I could come up with a whole lot of potential consequences to the world if we allow P.C. to keep opening his yap, as well.  Based on that, I guess we could regulate him into silence.

And this well thought out quote from P.C. rather epitomizes the idiocy of warmers.  “‘One thing is clear.  We need to be much more informed about the actual state of the planet.  We do not have nearly enough knowledge on which to base the decisions that will be the best for the long term.  Until we do, we expose ourselves to the mounting danger of major shifts in policy that are not well conceived, but come as panicked responses to crises that could have been avoided.'”  So, he admits that he has no clue about the ‘actual state of the planet’, doesn’t have enough ‘knowledge on which to base’ decisions, yet feels confident enough to impoverish the world through cap-and-trade and b.s. environmental regulations.

To recap, no actual knowledge + fearmongering = kickass regulation (and graft) opportunities.  I hope Queen Elizabeth lives a very long time.

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