Amnesty by any other name…

Well, Obama’s decision to grant de facto amnesty to “young” illegal immigrants and give them work visas is the big story of the day, but I find that I can’t muster much outrage.  It seems like we’ve already had de facto amnesty, at least in my neck of the woods.  Illegals get in a car accident or get caught driving without a license, and nothing happens to them.  An illegal is caught breaking the law, and he is sent back out into society to commit another.  So to this latest move by the Obama administration, I merely shrug my shoulders.

On balance, I don’t think this obvious gambit to win the “Hispanic vote” will pay off.  I think the fact that with our unemployment at these levels, the idea that we are now giving illegals the right to work will piss off more voters.  But we shall see.

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