God Bless the USA – just not Coney Island’s PS 90

Probably annoying things like this used to happen all the time and I just wasn’t aware of it.  The new media has allowed local news items from across the country to become national news in a way previously unheard of.  And I kinda wish I still didn’t hear about these things.

A principal at a Coney Island grade school is refusing to let the graduating fifth grade class sing Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.”  When I read the headline, I thought it must be because the song mentions the always verboten G-word.  But no.  The song, which declares the singer ‘proud to be an American’, might “offend other cultures.”

So national pride is now offensive.  The upcoming Summer Olympics are going to be absolutely stomach-turning then.  But I forget.  It is only American national pride that is offensive.  Well, that principal has offended my culture by demeaning patriotism.  But more and more, the American culture doesn’t signify.

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