Social justice throught straitjackets

There are so many ways that global warming can destroy an individual we are told – rising sea levels, super-hurricanes, drought, famine, ice storms (yes, global warmists have told us that warming can lead to arctic storms and I don’t know how they get away with that logical fallacy).  But here’s a new one.  Global warming can cause mental disorders

I was sure when I started to read the article that enviro-nuts were claiming that warm temperatures were going to cook our brains like eggs.  Sadly, it is not quite so amusing.  From a new publication by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF):

“Global warming in the coming years will foster public trauma, depression, violence, alienation, substance abuse, suicide, psychotic episodes, post-traumatic stress disorders and many other mental health-related conditions.”

To read the report, go here.

So of course, what is the prescribed course of action?  The government pouring more money into the mental health industry.  Government money solves everything.  And so do re-education camps.  From the NWF’s website:

Based on the recommendations of forum participants, leaders are calling for professionals in the mental health fields to focus on this, the social justice issue of all times, with their capacity to work through denial and apathy, to bring insight and commitment before it is too late.

I would have to warn any psychiatrist from trying to work through my denial.  It would not end well for him or her.

One last thought; when did the NWF start caring about humans’ well-being?  I cynically suspect that is not their true aim.


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