The United Nitwits strike again

When I first saw this story, I thought it was an Onion-style joke.  I am still not entirely convinced otherwise.  Apparently, the UN has made genocidal dictator, Robert Mugabe, an unofficial ambassador for tourism.

I know the UN is a joke.  But this is turning into a parody of a cliché.  The man who is banned from travelling in the EU member states and in the United States for atrocities he committed as tyrant of Zimbabwe is deemed a “leader for tourism” for the UN’s World Tourism Organization.  (Travel tip: don’t go to Zimbabwe if you are a white farmer, gay,  or anyone who disagrees with his junta.  Things will not end well for you.)

The UN has become a classic example of the inmates running the asylum.  Long past time for us to stop funding it and to get it the heck out of New York.

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