The Tea Party’s Best Friend

The best thing that happened to the Tea Party movement was the Occupy protests.  I think public opinion was beginning to sway toward the MSM screed that the Tea Party was filled with violent, racist right-wingers.  Enter the Occupy twits.  No matter how much the media tries to marginalize the “few” protesters who happen to make minor mischief, like destroying property and planning bombings, Americans are seeing the difference between the two.

I have heard of several conversations lately where the Bay Area liberal says that, of course, they don’t agree with the Tea Party people, but at least they aren’t breaking windows, crapping on cop cars, etc.

And could some one please tell me the point of Occupy Nato?  In theory, I could see the point of Occupy Wall Street, the intention of influencing US politicians.  But NATO is a transnational organization.  What bureaucrat are they going to influence?

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