Big agro for me but not for thee?

Okay, listening to Rush Limbaugh right now.  He played a clip of Obama speaking in Africa (I didn’t even know he was abroad) saying how economic growth can’t just be for the wealthy, especially in the agriculture industry.

Hmmm.  I guess he just feels that way about African agriculture, because he sure doesn’t feel that way about it in America.  All of his policies here seem designed to kill the family farm and leave our agriculture in the hands of a few large corporations.

From a proposed Dept. of Labor rule restricting children from working on farms (amidst a large outcry, this rule was luckily withdrawn), to a slew of environmental regulations that only big business can afford to comply with, Obama seems determined to push the agriculture industry into the hands of big-agro.  

I have nothing against large corporations.  Some of my favorite foods come from them.  I just don’t appreciate the deck being stacked in favor of them, especially when paying lip service to the little guy.

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