Oil for Indians

I have an idea for Obama.  He talks about energy independence, but uses his regulatory arm to block us from actually getting any access to oil.  A GAO study presented last week informs us that there is a huge amount of shale under Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming, but you can bet the EPA will prevent any drilling.

Enter a UN report recommending that the US “give back” land to Native Americans.  Yes, the report concerned the Black Hills area, but there were Indian tribes in Wyoming and Colorado, I’m sure, that can find some grievance with the US government.  Why don’t we give this land to them, and then they can drill the oil for us?  I think in the Rochambeau of liberalism, Indians are the rock to environmentalist’s scissors.

Indians can expand from the gambling biz to become oil barons.  Yes, if you happen to live in the area and get kicked out of your home by the US government, that would stink.  But at least the rest of us could get cheaper gas.

Maybe I shouldn’t haven’t published this post.  I am jesting, but some braintrust in the Obama adminsitration might actually think it a good idea.

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