How much hotter does the planet get from fires started by “green” energy?

This story about a Fisker car catching fire, and setting fire to the surrounding house, caught my eye and made me think of a conversation I had just yesterday with a Sears repairman.

Bought a brand new washer and dryer, which happened to be Energy Star rated.  On the fourth load, the dryer started smoking badly and the place filled with the smell of burning rubber.  The nice Sears repairman found that the rubber belt around the drum was half-burned.  He asked if I had the extended warranty.  He then informed me that he is going out on service calls frequently for energy-efficient appliances as they are made with cheap parts.  His words.  As if I needed another reason to despise supposed “energy efficiency.”  But I should just be glad the whole house didn’t burn down like the poor Fisker car owner’s.

On other local news regarding environmentalism, a local paper reported yesterday that a local resident faces a $500 fine or jail time for washing his car.  On his driveway.  And I thought I was a disgrace because I didn’t wash my car.  For those of you who can’t fathom why that should be a criminal offense, it’s because soapy water runs down the driveway, down gutters, and into storm drains.  This goes to creeks and then into our bay.  And we can’t have soapy water going there.  I mean, animals crap in that water all day, but some suds are what’s really going to pollute it. 

I think the car wash lobby is bigger and more subversive than I thought.

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