“Creeping Sharia”

It’s not just our neighbors down under who have to worry about sharia creeping into our legal system.  There, a judge ruled that a Muslim man couldn’t get a fair trial by a jury of his Australian peers because of his religion and so ordered a bench trial (I guess the judge is just that much more enlightened than his brethren).  Here, in 2010, a  New Jersey judge ruled that a Muslim man didn’t rape his wife because under sharia women can’t withhold sex from their husbands.  (Luckily, this was overturned in the appellate court.) 

I had hoped that case was a one-off, but now I look at it more as the proverbial canary in the coalmine. 

Several months ago there was an article in the California Bar Journal calling for judges to start considering sharia.  If I remember correctly, I believe the author’s point was that many immigrants to America have their own belief systems, and therefore, since they don’t think they are doing anything wrong, they don’t have the necessary mens rea to be guilty of a crime.

I guess that is the logical end to relativism.  Right and wrong no longer exist.  Seeing things in black and white is considered quite childish nowadays.  If a man thinks he has God’s okay to kill his daughters for wearing make-up and dating, then I guess we just have to respect that, right? 

I know those of us who think that is insane are still a majority in America.  I think even a large majority.  So why do we let the uber-liberal minority run the government?  Hopefully these instances of judicial idiocy will continue to catch our eyes because they will be rare and still shocking to us.  But I wouldn’t bet on it.

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