Natural gas – too successful to be clean?

This story about clean energy and liberals reminds me of a quote I once read – “The only war a liberal likes is the one we aren’t in.”  (e.g., remember how popular the “good” war in Afghanistan was among liberals when we were more entrenched in Iraq?  Now, not so much.)

Natural gas use to be one of the greenies’ talking points.  Something that would help get us off of our dependence on nasty, dirty oil.  But now that natural gas is actually becoming a solid market share of our energy economy, it’s not clean enough for the enviros.

And I think that is their point.  The green liberal will only tout an energy alternative that isn’t yet feasible.  If solar power ever becomes profitable, (and I don’t mean profitable through government subsidies) I’ll bet that the greenies will find some issue with it and it will no longer be the savior of our planet.  Perhaps all that sun being reflected from all those panels will melt the ozone?

Which brings me to my point about enviros, and I think the point of the article.  The greenies really don’t care about the environment.  If they lived in the Garden of Eden, they would still find fault with the fertilizer.  They are anti-progress, anti-energy in general.  On the whole, enviro-nuts strike me as very nihilistic.  But instead of sulking in their basements and writing bad poetry like good little nihilists should, they feel the need to spread their misery throughout the world.  Because without a doubt, if cap-and-trade and all their dreamed environmental regulations were enacted, the misery index would rise.  That’s what poverty brings.

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