“It’s the same argument.”

I am feeling slightly prophetic (although this was probably an easy call) as my reason for voting against the legalization of same-sex marriage in California is starting to bear fruit.  I had thought that once you change a standard definition of the term marriage, it will then be open to multiple definitions, e.g. polygamy.

And lo and behold, Muslims are starting to make the same argument, too. 

Because off-the-cuff remarks can be the most revealing, consider a tweet by Moein Khawaja, executive director of the Philadelphia branch of the radical Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). After New York legalized same-sex marriage last June, Khawaja expressed what many Islamists must have been thinking: “Easy to support gay marriage today bc it’s mainstream. Lets see same people go to bat for polygamy, its the same argument.”

Although I do think a strong argument can be made for taking government involvement out of marriage altogether, as it is here to stay for a while, retaining the Western definition of marriage as a legal union between one man and one woman is important in our battle to maintain Western culture. 

Does it need to be said that I have no problem with homosexual relationships or civil unions?  Probably doesn’t matter – anyone against gay marriage is typically labeled homophobic.  (Side note.  I am looking for a new term that would actually mean a hatred of homosexuality, instead of the current fear of homosexuals.  I think homophobic is a completely misused term.  How many people are actually scared of homosexuals?  My current made-up term, misohomo, just doesn’t sound good.)

There are some lines in the sand that need to be drawn to fight against the Islamization of our society, and that was one of mine.

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  1. Misohomo sounds like a Chinese soup.

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