Liberals and Fairness

I’m not even sure what to say about this story.  In the interest of “fairness” the LA police department has decided not to enforce state law, which requires unlicensed drivers to have their vehicles impounded, because most of those in LA without licenses are illegal aliens.

So…  A state law that only applies to certain populations is fair?  I’d think fairness means equal application of state law across the state.

A couple years back, a friend of mine was stopped at a red light when an unlicensed, uninsured, illegal immigrant drove her boyfriend’s car into my friend’s vehicle.  This happened about a block from the local police station, so the cops were there quickly.  And they shrugged and let the driver go because she was an illegal – no consequences.  If my friend had driven her car into another car stopped at a red light, and if she was sans license, etc., would the cops have let her wander off penalty free?  Heck no!  Was that fair?

There is no rule of law without equality under the law.  In fact, equality under the law is the primary rule of law for that very reason.  And I think when special interest groups get exemptions from laws everyone else has to follow, things are doomed to fall apart.

To be clear, however, in the above story, they seem to be applying this “exemption” to the “special interest” of the entire population of Los Angeles, not just to Hispanics in L.A.  And on principle, I prefer the wisdom of local laws over state or federal laws.  What makes me crazy about this story is the L.A. chief’s rationale for ignoring the law: fairness.

It’s not fair!!!


About Mystic Cowgirl

I worked overseas in the aid game for longer than I'd like to admit and learned several important things: 1) Third World countries aren't poor because America is rich. They're impoverished due to socialist governments that provide neither rule of law nor basic infrastructures; 2) These socialist governments redistribute wealth from taxpayers to the government workers. There's no benefit to the poor or downtrodden, and certainly not to the general welfare in terms of infrastructure improvements. 3) America is moving toward the Third World model. Rule of law has been subverted because equality under the law is disappearing as special interests carve out exemptions to regulations and special favors under the law. The redistribution of wealth to government began decades ago -- total compensation for government employees now outpaces salaries in the private sector.
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