The problem with moral equivalency

I’m tired of hearing nutter-butters tale about “animal rights” and say stupid things like “meat is murder.”  (Tasty, tasty murder).  By trying to elevate animals to the status of humans, all that really happens is that humans are degraded. 

Take this nugget out of Ohio.  An animal-rights activist was arrested for trying to solicit a hitman to kill anyone wearing fur.  (As long as that person was at least over 12 years old.  The wingnut had some standards.)  By posting a request for a hitman over Facebook, the woman shows that she is somewhat lacking in the IQ department.  But even from intelligent animal rights people, I hear arguments making moral equivalents between actions done to animals and to those done to humans.  PETA even equates animal slaughterhouses to the Holocaust.

At the end of this road there isn’t a holistic utopia with humans and animals frolicking together.  Instead, human life just becomes a little cheaper.

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