The Federal Department of A-holes

Just last night I was reading a trade brochure published in 1947 by the Blue Label Potato Company of Pennsylvania (no comment as to why I was reading such a thing).  It had many quips and quotes and amusing anecdotes of the day.  (If you’re interested in potato farming anyway.)  One of those quotes struck me.  It was something to the effect of what happens when you fear the lawmakers more than the lawbreakers? 

This morning I read of the FDA crackdown on an Amish farm in Pennsylvania for the dastardly crime of selling unpasteurized milk across state lines.  I realize that for me, that time has come to pass.  I do fear our legislators (and regulators) much more than I do the criminals of America.  Yes, I’m sure that if faced with an assault, my fear ratio will slide back the other way.  But for day-to-day living, I think most people worry more about the government than about robbery or assault.  That is an unbelievably sad commentary about our nation.

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