The NYT and our Constitution

There’s something a bit surreal when a Supreme Court justice of the United States says that the U.S. Constitution should not be a template for other democracies – we should instead look to Canada or South Africa.  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said just that last week, in an interview in Egypt of all places. 

I really think it should be a requirement to become a Supreme Court justice that you believe that the U.S. Constitution is flipping awesome.  Simple, elegant, and until judicial activists became the norm, created the most free, most prosperous society on earth.  Why are the people on the Left so determined to diminish America?  Is it a nihilistic streak in their DNA?  Or is being an American their secular version of original sin?

I read about Ginsburg’s opinion in an equally infuriating NY Times opinion piece out today, all about how the influence of the US Constitution has lessened worldwide.  One can tell that the author is pleased by this alleged development, and is putting in his two cents about how our Constitution should really be modified to guarantee every American (and when I say American, I mean just anyone who happens to be standing on American soil, whether here legally or not) milk and cookies at bedtime and a free Playstation paid for by the evil bankers.  That really was his subtext.  Get out your magnifying glass to read between those lines and you’ll see it.

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