Occupy over?

I had almost forgotten about those pesky 99 percenters.  I guess my dreaming about living in the top one percent has isolated me as much as actually being in that enviable group.  But OWS is still around and still breaking the law.  Now they are trying to take over and ‘occupy’ vacant buildings.  To what end, I don’t know. 

But it seems I am not alone in my distaste for these so-called protesters, even on the liberal west coast.  Public opinion over this movement has changed dramatically, with only 35% of people polled supporting them (still way too many!) and 57% opposed.  Compare that with a poll conducted a couple of months ago with a 58/34 support/oppose split.

Read more, here.

Even the ineffectual mayor of Oakland, who had been bending over backwards to accommodate those who were trashing her city, has finally lost patience with OWS.  Of course, that doesn’t mean she will actually taking any definitive action against the lawbreakers.  But maybe she’ll be a bit more supportive of the Oakland P.D. from now on.  One can only hope.

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