From the cradle to the grave

Okay, this post depresses me even more than usual, on a couple of levels.  But you can never escape hyper regulations, even upon death.  Did you know that cemeteries need to get a permit for each burial they conduct?  I didn’t.  While going through the already emotional process of trying to bury a loved one, my family discovered that the day we wanted for the internment to accommodate visiting relatives was not acceptable to our county. 

The funeral home had to send paperwork to the county, that was sent back to the funeral home, that was sent to the primary doctor, sent back to the funeral home, and sent again to the county, and that process can take many days.  A burial permit would not be forthcoming on our preferred date.  Am I being unreasonable to think that whenever we can get some gravediggers and our family together we should be able to bury someone without government interference?  Maybe. 

Thank goodness our father had the forethought to prepurchase his cemetery plot.  If we had to purchase a plot from scratch and then wait for it to be lined with cement, mandatory to accommodate environmental regulations I discovered, I might have lost it.

On a good day I don’t like to think about the government.  This past week it just sucked.

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