A flash in a pan

I know the Iowa cauci (caucuses?) just happened and Santorum’s surge is noteworthy and all that, but I could just care less right now about the Republican primaries.  The more I see of every candidate, the more underwhelmed I am.  So, I will write about something that fills me with delightful schadenfreude.  The Chevy Volt was named one of Yahoo Finance’s worst product flops of 2011.

Who knew Americans wouldn’t want to buy a tin can bottle rocket that needs to be plugged in every what, sixty miles?    According to Yahoo, the Volt sold only 175 units in July 2011.  175!  I feel like I could sell more of them walking door to door in my neighborhood.  But ever optimistic, Chevy has announced that it will produce 60,000 more of these hotcakes, estimating that they will sell 45,000 of them in the U.S.  After the government buys the Volt for all of its automobile purchases and subsidizes the purchase of others, Chevy will only be about 35,000 shy of its target.

I guess when the government gives you money, you no longer care about turning a profit.

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