A caricature of a liberal

Eric Holder is quickly degrading into a caricature.  While these are usually amusing, it’s not so much when it’s our attorney general.  I realize that he, along with many liberals, can only see the world through their own brand of victimhood glasses.  In his case, race is his grievance prism.

I was mildly shocked when Holder’s Justice Department dropped the voter intimidation charges against the Black Panthers in Philadelphia.  With compelling video footage, cases don’t get much more slam dunk then that.  But maybe the DOJ was too busy trying to track down lost guns.

I scratched my head when he called us a nation of cowards for not openly discussing matters of race.  I can’t go half a day without reading or hearing about racism in America.  The whining about it is incessant, and sadly, really diminishes the reaction to real racism.  We are a nation of boys who cried wolf when it comes to this subject, not cowards.

I was surprised when a former DOJ attorney testified that Holder’s DOJ made it a stated policy to not prosecute civil rights violations if the victim were white.

Adams testifiedthat there existed within the hierarchy of the Voting Section of Eric Holder’s Justice Department a clear policy of refusing to prosecute any Black-on-White civil rights violations.

“I was told by Voting Section management that cases are not going to be brought against Black defendants for the benefit of White victims. That if somebody wanted to bring these cases, it was up to the US Attorney but the Civil Rights Division wasn’t going to be bringing it.”

I should clarify that by this point I was only surprised that Holder was so open about his prejudice, not that he held such a racial bias.  The idea that justice is blind has become a sad joke.

So now I just have to shake my head when I hear that Eric Holder has blamed his “extreme critics” for pursuing the inquiry into the clusterf**k known as Fast and Furious because he shares the same skin tone as Obama.

Read more about it, here.

What whiny incompetence.  Or does Holder actually think that it is an astute political move to ascribe racism to his detractors.  The people who will believe that are already firmly in his camp; I can’t believe that playing the race card will win him any more supporters.  The only grievance group I can claim membership in is being part of the 52% “minority” of women.  (I just made that percentage up, but I think it’s about right.)  I have never used it as an excuse, nor frankly ever seen it as a detriment to my career.  Now, I am self-employed, so it’s easy not to discriminate against myself.  But I think people tend to see what they want to.

With the advent of our first black president, there was much hullabaloo about a post-racial society.  Predictably, that didn’t happen.  But I do think our society is getting to be post-afraid-of-being-labeled-a-racist-so-I-won’t-say-what-I-am-actually-thinking.  And so, to Eric Holder, who has indirectly called me a racist as I criticize him frequently, I say, bite me.

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