The incandescent bulb still burns

Hip, hip, hooray!  The ban on incandescent light bulbs has been lifted – for the U.S. as a whole that is.  California still has its own incandescent ban in place for now.  Some savvy representatives inserted language removing the ban in a year-end appropriations bill.  The usual suspects kicked and screamed about this, of course, fearing the American citizen’s ability to make even the miniscule decision of purchasing a light bulb.

I would say that this is a victory for common sense.  But it’s a slim victory at that, if more than two people still think this was a good idea.  That so many embrace such a micro-regulated life is very disheartening.  I forget the Japanese term for death by a thousand cuts, but that seems to be the end America is facing.  The resurrection of the light bulb, however, is at least one band-aid.  Hope lives awhile longer.

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