Jobs created by unemployment benefits?

Prez Obama recently stated that the jobs created by allowing the Keystone Pipeline construction would be less than those created by extending the temporary payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits.  Hmmm.  Where to begin?

I could argue that any jobs created by someone having an extra $20 in their paycheck each week is de minimis and most employers I know don’t hire extra personnel based on a temporary tax situation.  As to jobs created through unemployment benefits, that is just patently absurd and needs no debate.

Or I could talk about the fact that with social security and medicare just about bankrupt, cutting the one tax that funds those programs while not addressing any of the structural deficits of those money sucks is plain stupid.

But what really grates on me is the smug liberal assumption in place here that jobs are created through the largesse of the ruling class, and not by companies actually producing something.  Unemployment payments just shuffle money around.  A new pipeline actually produces something of value, and jobs necessarily follow.  And why do we as a people accept the narrative that the government has the power to prevent people from entering into legal business arrangements?  The land of the free feels a lot more like a land of cattle ready to be herded.  But the evils of enviro-facism are a topic for another post.

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