SolarCity’s $350 million loan

So SolarCity didn’t get their federal loan guarantee.  B of A, however, has decided to still loan them $350 million dollars to fund their project of installing solar panels on…. military housing.  So even though the government wasn’t able to help out their pet industry on the back-end, it is still propping up “green” energy by being its largest purchaser.  If the government wasn’t buying these panels, would the solar panel industry exist in any significant way?

If, in twenty years, someone can show me that the military saved money by installing these panels, then color me contrite.  But I am nearly one hundred percent certain that won’t happen.  This is just another example of our government using our money to try to engineer the type of economy, and society, it deems best for us.

On a related note, even with the government subsidizing the automobile industry to produce piece of crap electric cars, and subsidizing the taxpayer to buy said POCE cars, GM is finding itself in the position of having to buy back from worried customers the few Chevy Volts it has sold.  Surprisingly, Americans seem resistant to the implementation of a “green” economy.

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