Argument #316 for limited government

If this story is true, I am mightily hacked off.  Supposedly, there was a security flaw in Apple’s iTunes software that allowed easy access for governments to hack into users’ computers.  Security issues arise frequently in software, I know.  But this flaw took Apple over three years to fix, when it typically only takes them a couple of months to create a patch.

Why do I think this is an argument for small government, you might ask?  If government didn’t have the ability to either hand out carrots to private business via subsidies, bailouts, regulations that stifle competition, and tax breaks, or to beat them with a stick (do I really need to list ways in which the government can hurt businesses?), then businesses would have no incentive to collude with the government.  Even if Apple isn’t guilty in this instance of knowingly allowing governments to spy on citizens, does anyone really believe that companies like Google or AT&T will fight very hard to protect the privacy of their customers?

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