“Recall Scott Walker” is underway

What genius ever thought up the idea of recall elections?  I’m sure when the laws were passed to enable recalls of elected officials (which could have been two hundred years ago for all I know) it was intended to be used only in the case of criminal misconduct or literal incompetency.  Now, anytime a side loses an election and, shockingly, doesn’t approve of the politician’s policies, they try to recall them.  I was against the recall of Governor Gray Davis in my home state of California, and oppose this recall attempt against Wisconsin’s Scott Walker.

Of course, this recall is being led by the unions in Wisconsin.  And of course, the unions are using slimy tactics like marching on Walker’s personal residence.  (Why can’t conservatives get a group together to protest at the home of every union leader who has used this tactic?  Quid pro quo is highly under utilized.) 

I know people are using legal institutions to start these recalls, but it still seems like another step towards America becoming a banana republic.  It used to be that if you lost an election, you sucked it up, waited four years, and tried to throw the bum out with the next regularly scheduled election.  Now, elections have less meaning when recalls are instituted anytime someone disagrees with your policy.  Regular elections give a type of stability to a nation.  We are losing that.

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