Zuccotti Park finally cleared out – maybe

I sometime really just don’t understand people in this country.  So the cops finally do their job and clear out a dangerous nuisance, the OWS protesters, who have no right to set up camp on private property, and now a judge issues an injunction allowing the protesters to set up camp again.

I guess I would have to read the judge’s actual order before coming to the conclusion that he (or she) is an absolute idiot, letting his activism trump minor things, like the rule of law.  We do have time, place, and manner restrictions on protests in this country, although they never seem to apply when its liberals who are protesting.  And you never have the right to invade someone else’s private property for a protest.  Zuccotti Park is privately owned.  If these people had homes, I would feel like camping out in their front yards, beating drums all night, and see how much they respect my free speech rights.

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