It just keeps getting sicker

I have never been a big college football fan (I like my O.T. to end in sudden death, thank you very much), but Joe Paterno is still a household name for me.  And what started out as a disgusting news story has now become a seething pit of horrible behavior by lots of people. 

I know there is much hubbub over Paterno’s firing.  Penn State students have expressed their displeasure through riots.  But I think it was the right decision.  Someone tells you that an assistant coach raped a boy in the showers, and you just tell your boss about it?  I could see telling your boss, thinking that he is the appropriate person to call the police.  But when no police action ensues, Paterno had a responsibility, as did everyone else who knew about it, even if it was just a janitor, to contact the police.

Because Paterno has been such an institution, people seem willing to give him a pass on this.  But we are supposed to be a nation of laws, not of men.  No free passes on something like this, I don’t care how many national championships you won.

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