Two years in prison for improper restraint? Yeah, that sounds fair.

I feel there is something in this story that I just am not seeing.  A Border Patrol agent “improperly restrained” an illegally border-crossing drug smuggler, and the drug smuggler gets immunity to testify against the agent, who gets two years in prison.  Are we in Bizarro world?  Shouldn’t the agent be getting immunity for arm-twisting to testify against a drug smuggler?  Which is the worse evil? 

I haven’t read that the smuggler’s arm was broken, so I am assuming that he was just caused some temporary pain.  Who cares?  As someone who has been handcuffed many times (I was helping a cop friend practice her handcuffing techniques), I can affirm that it can be painful.  But again, who cares?  Either we are turning into an incredibly pansy-ass society, or there is something going on here under the surface.  What did this border agent do to piss off his higher-ups?

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