High-speed hogwash

A new report is out on the California high-speed rail proposal which appears to shock many by doubling the estimated price tag of this debacle.  Please.  When was the last time the government built anything with just a 100% overrun?  If this thing gets built, I will lay odds that it will come in at least three times over budget.

This “business plan”, as the authors wish it to be called, was written by Brown appointees.  I actually didn’t know how Brown stood on the issue of high-speed rail until I read this little nugget: “Even under the most conservative ridership projections, the report said the rail system would have a net operating profit.”

Absolute hogwash.  How are Bart, Amtrak, and Muni doing?  Bart was supposed to make a profit because there would be very little payroll costs – the darn thing can drive itself.  But enter the unions and now a pointless Bart conductor pulls in $100k.  If someone could tell me of a government-run transit authority that is actually in the black, I would be very grateful, and very shocked.

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