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Argument #316 for limited government

If this story is true, I am mightily hacked off.  Supposedly, there was a security flaw in Apple’s iTunes software that allowed easy access for governments to hack into users’ computers.  Security issues arise frequently in software, I know.  But … Continue reading

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Note to Occupy: 10 Things Capitalists Believe

One of the frustrations I have with many liberals I meet in the Bay Area is that they attribute beliefs to conservatives that we just don’t have.  I’m not the only one – Daniel Hannan in Merry Olde England recently … Continue reading

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Worst Image Ever

Remember when George W. Bush was in charge and the whole world hated us?  Neither do I, because it never happened.  Oh, sure, lots of people hated us, but lots of people will always hate us – the US is … Continue reading

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Bad consequences from good things

I’m not a fan of Barney Frank.  He’s corrupt, he’s a big cause of the housing market collapse, and his lisp unreasonably annoys me.  But this is just frightening.  Maxine Waters could take over as chair of the House Financial Services … Continue reading

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Income Inequality

I know I’ve been posting a lot on income inequality in America lately, but the issue just keeps coming up with these OWS protestors.  Income equality is a pipe dream, and a destructive one.  Here’s why:

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Too Much Funkin Debt

As regular readers may know, I’m a huge fan of conservative MEP, Daniel Hannan.  And I find the Eurocrisis instructive because we’re currently using Europe as our economic model.  As Europe collapses (and I’m sorry – if they continue down … Continue reading

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What Happened Before the UC Davis Pepperspray Incident

Finally, some video has been produced showing what happened leading up to and following the UC Davis pepper spray incident.  The police verbally warn the leader of the UC Davis “arm chain” gang that they’d be pepper sprayed if they … Continue reading

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