Greece announces a euro referendum

As someone who knows little about European politics, I thought I’d still write about it.  After months of watching violent Greeks protesting proposed austerity measures as a condition to their bailout, they now are proposing a referendum that would refuse the bailout, thereby decoupling from the euro. 

Read the full story, here.

Did I get the message from the Greek protests all wrong?  I thought they were whiny little SOBs that wanted the ability to retire at age 40 and have their standard of living propped up by the Germans.  But if they remove themselves from the Eurozone, wouldn’t that indicate that they would have to stand on their own and pay their own way?  Hmmm.  I am perplexed.  Perhaps they think that by printing more drachmas they can avoid austerity measures?  Or this is just a bargaining chip with which to win more concessions from the EU?

Regardless, I hope this referendum wins big.  As the U.S. becomes more centrally planned and regulated, it would be nice to have Europe become a decentralized, less restrictive alternative.

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