Perry plus two, Paul and Cain tied at one

I know it’s getting a little late in the season, but I still am undecided when it comes to the Republican prez nomination.  Week to week my preference changes between Perry, Cain, and Paul.  Perry’s energy policy has impressed me in the past, but this week he gets a bump in my internal ratings system for one of the best quotes ever.  When asked in a Parade magazine interview if he had either read or seen Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” Perry responded, “No. I generally don’t watch or read a lot of fiction.”

Read more, here.

I love that answer on a couple of levels.  The juvenile side of me likes it for obvious reasons.  But I like how unapologetic Perry is about not buying into the politics of AGW.  And it is politics, not science.  As Perry points out, AGW is a possible theory, but the evidence doesn’t support it at this time.  We have too many Republicans who dance around the subject or comment that the economy is too bad to worry about environmental issues right now (or even worse, Repubs like Romney and Schwarzenegger who actually pass cap and trade bills in their state).  Few stand up against the “consensus” of the so-called scientists and call B.S. like Perry did.  Me likey.

And I like how in that Parade interview the interviewer then tried to allude that Perry had a learning disability when it came to science and he schooled her with some of his scientific creds.  Yes, I know, you AGWers out there, physics and aerodynamics aren’t climate sciences.  But you learn the scientific method in physics, which is more than I can say than in climate science.

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