Beating a dead horse, here.

I know we’ve covered this ground pretty thoroughly and everyone knows how we feel about the Occupy Wall Street lot.  But I had to comment on this topic again when I read that a high-ranking Iranian general supports the movement and likens it to the Arab Spring.

First, when will the term “Arab Spring” stop being used in an adulatory manner?  Yes, toppling dictators is good.  But the majority of those participating in the Arab Spring don’t seem intent on liberty for all, as recent events in Cairo show, and it’s time we stopped pretending otherwise.

Second, and why I really wanted to comment on this story, when high-ranking members of a brutal, authoritarian regime want to stand in solidarity with you, don’t you think it’s time to reexamine your positions?

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One Response to Beating a dead horse, here.

  1. Oliver says:

    This is the ad hominem logical fallacy.
    P must be false since Q supports it, and Q possesses a negative characteristic.
    Just because brutal, authoritarian regimes stand in solidarity with a disaffected group of Americans does not negate the issues raised.

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