Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street

I don’t want to beat this topic into the ground, and maybe it’s too late for that, but can we all just acknowledge the utter hypocrisy regarding these Wall Street protests viz. the Tea Party?

Sen. Ben Cardin (D., Md.) – “Look, Americans have the right to express themselves,” he said. “It’s been very peaceful and that’s what America’s about — people who want to protest should have the right to protest, as long as it’s peaceful and doesn’t interfere with the lives of people in the community.”

Read more from Senate Democrats cheering on the smelly hippies, here.

Agreed this is no Kent State.  And compared to recent global protests, this has been fairly peaceful.  But there have been some incidents, mass arrests, and vandalism.  Compare that to the Tea Parties, where Democrats have bent over backwards trying to portray them as seething masses of violent militia types just waiting for a hapless minority to walk within striking distance.  And the reality of the Tea Parties has been the epitome of the peaceful protest.  I’ve only heard of two arrests being made at Tea Parties – when liberals attacked a protester and a capitalist selling a street sign.  We even freakin’ clean up after ourselves when we leave the protest. 

But if Dems want to align themselves with this pointless, undefined, I don’t like my daddy movement, go ahead.  They are only embarrassing themselves.

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