Why I dislike greasy, whiny Wall Street protesters.

I live in California so I am an entire continent away from the Wall Street protests, but I can still imagine the patchouli-B.O. smell that must be permeating the area.  If you are anti-capitalism, why do you also have to be anti-bathing?  I don’t get it.  And thinking back to the police officer macing incident, I”ll bet it wasn’t mace he sprayed the woman with.  It was probably Febreeze or a nicely scented deodorant.  Cops shouldn’t have to be tolerant of smelly hippies.

But why I really dislike these people is for the attitude they affect of protesting for the benefit of the little guy.  That they are doing a good deed in an effort to save the everyday American.  When they are really just selfish little SOBs that didn’t get spanked nearly enough in childhood.  Case in point, while protesting the horrible Wall Street fat cats, these stupid hippies feel the need to also destroy the property of the small business owner who is unfortunate enough to work nearby. 

Feeling so sanctimonious about their little sit-in, I guess they feel entitled to use and abuse the restrooms of nearby businesses, demand free water from them, and charge up their laptops and use their wi-fi without actually becoming a customer by, you know, buying anything. 

I guess what I really dislike about these protesters is the same thing I dislike about socialists.  They spout off tripe about equality and fraternity when they are actually the most self-involved, narcissistic, greedy little jerks around.  Anti-capitalism is nothing more than an accessory to these guys, which they wear to showcase their (false) beneficence.

Have I mentioned I really don’t like these people?

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2 Responses to Why I dislike greasy, whiny Wall Street protesters.

  1. Why don’t you tell us how you really feel?

  2. Oliver says:

    Just as the Tea Party movement was taken over by the Palin/Bachmann/Glen Becks of the world… it is possible the Occupy Wall Streeters were taken over by the social left.

    My understanding is that they are pissed off by the bailouts and are protesting the chief beneficiaries of it: Wall Street.

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