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Greece announces a euro referendum

As someone who knows little about European politics, I thought I’d still write about it.  After months of watching violent Greeks protesting proposed austerity measures as a condition to their bailout, they now are proposing a referendum that would refuse … Continue reading

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The Lockbox is Empty

Today’s Bloomberg/WAPO article is kind of old news since Social Security went “cash negative” last year.  I guess the story is that everyone is still politely ignoring it.  That mythical social security lockbox was emptied long ago to “lend” money … Continue reading

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Peter Schiff Nails Wall Street Protestors

Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, debates protestors in Zuccotti park.

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Rise of the Obamavilles

Remember the Hoovervilles?  Neither do I.  I wasn’t even born then!  But I remember reading about them in school.  Do kids still read in school or is that sort of stuff out the window…?

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Obama’s New Student Loan Bill

Obama’s bailing out the college students now (and by executive order – that whole three branches of government thing is so… School House Rock).  And once again, the responsible people are left feeling like idiots – why the heck did … Continue reading

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“We are watching you.”

Not something you want to hear from a lightpost as you are walking down the street.  Yet, apparently something that the British have been living with for a year or so and is just about to hit our shores. New … Continue reading

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If Elizabeth Warren is Their Leader, We’re in Good Shape

I haven’t been paying that much attention to Elizabeth Warren because a) she’s running in Massachusets and b) the stuff she says is pretty silly.  Her claim to fame is a YouTube video where she says that businesses are successful … Continue reading

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