Is privacy dead?

Before I get all excited about a proposed bill purporting to protect Americans’ cell phone location information from the government, I guess I should read it first.  But, geez, it’s about time.  The one silver lining I saw when Obama was elected president was that at least our civil liberties would get more respect than they had under Bush.  That’s what ACLU-loving liberals are all about, right?

Apparently not.  The Patriot Act was extended under Obama and it seems that every day the government is obtaining more private information about Americans without warrants, with the help of private companies like Google.  And what is most disheartening is that the new generation of American adults don’t seem to care.  Privacy has become passe.  I’ve talked to many a young adult (well, more like a couple, but it still seems like a growing trend to me) who see no problem with the government knowing where they are at all times.  Whiskey.  Tango.  Foxtrot.

I have engaged in many a good arguments with those who love liberty, but enjoy their lives more, and believe that the Patriot Act is a necessary tool to keep Americans safe.  I understand that viewpoint.  But I don’t understand those who just don’t care that they are tracked like animals.  I thought teenagers and young adults were supposed to be about rebellion, independence, and sticking it to the man.  This generation seems content with a government overlord, so long as they are kept knee-deep in cool gadgets and the ability to show off every aspect of their lives to strangers like a wannabe reality star. 

While the TNG episode “The Game” was not a favorite of mine, it is looking more and more prescient.

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