What is wrong with the morons in San Francisco?  And if they want to be absolute idiots, can’t we at least contain their stupidity to that city?  Sadly, it spreads, like a fungus.

The Board of Supervisors, with absolutely no other problems to deal with in that city, I guess, feels that too many birds are hurt flying into buildings.  So of course this pseudo-problem needs a government solution.  New building standards!  They want builders to install special windows  so birds won’t get confused by the glass.

Last time I was in the city, I saw a lot of problems.  Filth, homelessness, property destruction among them.  And that city could use some serious Febreeze action.  But I didn’t see one dead bird.  I don’t doubt that it has happened; birds fly into windows.  But the scale of this occurrence cannot be very large.  The cost of lodging yet another building requirement onto that industry could be significant, however.  But if one bird is saved, I guess that’s worth millions of dollars down the toilet.

I think I’ll have chicken for dinner tonight.

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