First they came for the plastic bags….

It seems Los Angeles is trying to outdo San Francisco in the idiotic and destructive ideas department.  One of the city councilmen there is trying to institute a ban on both paper and plastic bags at the grocery store.

The measure still has to clear the Energy and Environment Committee, but proponents believe the waste reduction aspect of the bill will be a strong selling point that would leapfrog L.A. ahead of cities like San Francisco and Santa Monica in the battle against bag pollution.

First of all, the city of L.A. has an Energy and Environment Committee?  Why do things like that still surprise me.  And secondly, “bag pollution?”  Really?  Is that a term now?  You can’t hear me, but I am making faux gagging sounds right about now.  In my day, that used to be called littering.  And there are remedies for littering.  Fining those that toss garbage out their windows and putting miscreants to work picking up said garbage in those fetching orange jumpsuits. 

I see some litter driving around town, and not just grocery bags either, but it isn’t a huge problem where I live.  Is the grocery bag problem so severe in L.A. where they find it necessary to interfere in an industry’s business practices and put another industry, the grocery bag maker, out of business?  Are they drowning in garbage down there?  Silly me.  Liberal governments don’t need a reason to destroy businesses.  This is just another disgusting example of those holier-than-thou eco-nazis run amok.

As a side note, my entirely unscientific experiment of placing a plastic grocery bag under the sun roof and over that little sliding sun roof door on my car has proven to me that these bags do biodegrade.  Exposed to sunlight for several months (frankly, I had completely forgotten about it up there), when next I opened that little door, that bag disintegrated into little tiny bits before my very eyes.  So I really don’t understand what the problem is with throwing these bags away.

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