Yet another rant against “green” energy

I know it seems all I blog about are environmental issues.  And this is another post concerning the green energy con job.  But this current nexus between environmentalism and the government epitomizes why the values of limited government, ergo conservatism, are so important.

So in our neck of the woods here, the much touted solar panel factory, Solyndra, just closed up its doors and will be declaring bankruptcy.  President Obama brought a lot of attention to this company, touring it last year and claiming it was the future of our economy.  Aside from the fact that assertion is idiotic, that wouldn’t fuss me very much.  What does put my knickers in a twist is the $535 million government-backed loan this company has.  When it goes bankrupt, the rest of the country ends up paying for the idiocy. 

Regardless of industry, the government should not be guaranteeing loans, making grants, or giving special tax breaks to certain companies.  The government should maintain a healthy environment for businesses to prosper in, like ensuring equal justice before the law and implementing simple, effective, and minimal regulations that aid business.  But other than that, it should stay the heck out of the economy.  Fraud, waste, abuse, and graft are all that can result from government intervention in this area.  And yet I’m sure that Obama’s next “job’s bill” will contain yet more of this government largesse to other solar panel companies that obviously don’t have a strong enough business model to make it on their own.

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